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Picking the Right Torque Converter for Your Industrial Equipment

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The overall performance of any machine with an engine usually works well when using help from a converter. The extra changes help make the industrial equipment more efficient and work under more oppressive conditions. However, many are not aware when it comes to picking the perfect converter. Keep the next in mind the next time you want to replace your machine converter.

i. Engine type

Your engine type ultimately affects the whole weight of your system. Although this is repeatedly snubbed, the influence has a direct effect on the kind of torque converter you need. This has much to do with the amount of load you’re putting on the converter. A more robust engine typically produces more torque, and your torque converter should be able to handle the increase in stall speed that it will experience. However, if the torque converter fails to sustain it, it may lead to your engine stopping which could lead to damage.

ii. Application

It is essential to understand what you intend to do with your machine before picking the right torque converter. If you want to conduct heavy-duty, use the perfect choice that leads the market. In this case, twin disc torque converters would be the best option. They offer an excellent option to a system that can meet the challenging industrial demands with effortless control, power, and precision. Additionally, they are known for their efficiency to keep your engine running smoothly with little stalling or lugging. Experts encourage the use of such a system, especially for diesel installations.

iii. Chassis

Apart from the engine weight, the overall weight of the machine should tell you how long it will take before reaching a particular elapsed time. Consequently, this also affects your gear ration and is a good indicator of the amount of converter flash you are expected to use. Your gear ratio changes the volume of your engine horsepower, which is essential when it matters to your application. Any reputable engine expert would always recommend the importance of such an aspect before selling a converter for your machine.

iv. Converter size

While talking about converters, size is a crucial factor when picking the best suited for your work. The bigger the torque converter, the more horsepower amount. A larger converter would have less stall speed compared to using a smaller size converter. The stall speed is vital if you want your industrial equipment to perform better. However, a matter often overlooked is the size of the fin angle. Such modifications tend to dispute this size theory both in theory and practice. Additionally, the engine type, power characteristic, and systems such as the induction, stroke, and bore are also affected by the size. 

A Final Thought:

As it is evident there a lot of factors that ultimately affect the perfect torque converter option. If you still feel you would love to learn more, you can always align yourself with our professional experts. They will help you make your selection easier. All you need to provide us with is a history of your engine, and they’ll be sure to offer their expert counsel.

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